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Two Mormon-based Texts

I just purchased two Mormon-based texts that come highly recommended. The first is Connor Boyack's Latter-day Liberty , which I've been meaning to buy since it's release. Very excited for this one. And the other is Royal Skousen's The Book of Mormon - The Earliest Text . Daniel Peterson writes about this one here . Very cool.

Now Available: Everything Voluntary - From Politics to Parenting

BREAKING NEWS! Everything Voluntary - From Politics to Parenting is now available for purchase or download! Go to the book's project site for links! From the Introduction: The mainstream political, education, and parenting philosophies all have one thing in common: promoting the domination of one group of people over another. In politics, this is the ruling class, i.e., politicians and bureaucrats, over the ruled. In education and parenting, this is teachers or parents over their children. Someone’s interest prevails over someone else’s, and in these arenas, violent solutions prevail over peaceful ones.  The purpose of this book is to question the “virtues” of human relations based on violent coercion, and to promote instead human relations based on mutual consent. For it is under one type or the other that human interaction in all arenas of life necessarily fall.  From large-scale social organization and maintenance to the small-scale family unit, it is the position of this

Undermine the Legitimacy of Traffic Courts? Case dismissed.

I like when playing by their rules benefits you, and hurts them:

I'm Not Dieting, You Are

I feel weird calling my change in diet "dieting". Just some food for thought, but because I'm now eating how humans are supposed to eat , am I the one "dieting", or is everyone else? I think the latter. Just sayin'.

Accustomed to Police Brutality

If the Rodney King beating had happened a year ago, would anyone notice? asks Anthony Gregory.

Hire People for $5

This website allows you to sell or buy a service, any service it seems, for $5.

Vaccines and Autism?

This is interesting.

Who are The Mormons? Infographic


Property Rights in China

Stronger than in the US?

More Power, Less Liberty

Check out my thoughts on liberty and personal power on my Truth blog .

Dandelion Contraband

How long before it becomes illegal contraband? Can't have anything challenging the Medical-Industrial Complex now.

Exploitative Exchanges

Sheldon Richman makes a not-made-enough point regarding government intervention and exploitation in the economy. Spoiler: businesses can't exploit their customers without the government's help .

The Statist NFL

Skip Oliva is dead-on that there's much for the libertarian to despise about the NFL. But all of that aside, I love the game of football, and will continue enjoying it as much as I can. Would I like the statist elements to go away? Absolutely, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, so I'll continue rooting for my 'Boys.

New Dark Knight Trailer