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Evidence of Jurisdiction

There is, or should be, a presumption of innocence when we are accused of breaking the law. The prosecution has the burden of proof to show, factually, that we've done what they're accusing us of doing. Does proof begin at our actions? Actually, no. It begins at the law itself. Let me explain." Read the rest at EVC.

Voluntaryism among Other Philosophies

Voluntaryism is the philosophy based on the voluntary principle, that all human relations should happen voluntarily or not at all. In my opinion, this principle, like all principles, is only valid when it creates a self-imposed obligation on how one should behave toward other humans. As a voluntaryist then, my primary commitment is to voluntary human relations, meaning, all other considerations like acceptable property norms or the justified use of force are secondary. Here I want to examine a few other philosophies that have attracted me - libertarianism, anarchism, nihilism, stoicism - as they relate to voluntaryism. Read the rest at EVC.

Spanking is Always Unnecessary VI: Divine Mandate

Many religious people, Christian and not, consider the practice of spanking to be divinely mandated. They'll quote scriptures or popular religious leaders in the attempt to support that belief. If you believe without a doubt that spanking is required by your God, then you likely won't care what I have to say. That's fine; feel free to skip to the end. For everyone else, perhaps we can shed some perspective on things. Read the rest at EVC.

Spanking is Always Unnecessary V: Respect and Obedience

Raise your hand if you want respectful and obedient children. What a magical place it would be if our children were to obey our every command and never show even a hint of disrespect toward us! On second thought, while perfectly respectful and obedient little robots would be nice, I'm not sure I want my children as such happy slaves (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Rather, I think their respect and obedience would mean more to me if I knew each was a genuine, thoughtful show of love as their caretaker and confidant. Will spanking and punishments get me there? I don't believe so. Read the rest at EVC.

Spanking is Always Unnecessary IV: Discipline and Toughness

It is said that we live in a cruel and heartless world. To send our children out into that cruel world as innocent, fluffy bunnies would be like pulling the trigger of the gun pressed against their temples ourselves. How many people sincerely believe this? That without "discipline" to teach them safe behavior and the requisite "toughness" to defend themselves, they'll fall prey to the legions of predators that won't hesitate to pounce on them the moment they cross the threshold. How does any caretaker ever let their child out of their sight? And even more baffling, how are there any children anywhere? What a pessimistic, nay, cynical view of the world, completely unsupported by the facts. Do children need spanking- or punishment-based discipline? Do they need their caretaker to toughen them up through violence? Let's see. Read the rest at EVC.