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Why States are Illegitimate

When statists use concepts like "tacit consent" and "social contract" in their arguments, they are assuming what they are trying to prove; namely, the legitimacy of the state in question. Assuming the social contract does exist, what makes the prevailing state the rightful authority in enforcing it? Since we must consider legitimacy, let us consider what legitimacy is.Read the rest at EVC.

Why Do We Value Things?

My wife grew up relatively poor in Mexico City. She shared a bed with her three sisters and never went to even a fast food restaurant, like McDonald's. Though her standard of living was much lower then than it is now, she grew up quite happy and placed a high value on what little she had. On our drive home from an evening out recently, my wife told me that she wanted to see our children value the things that they have. In answer to her question, we talked about the following.Read the rest at EVC.

Action, Faith, and Voluntaryism

An axiom is a starting point of reasoning, or a premise. Ludwig von Mises discovered the action axiom. Paraphrased, the action axiom states that humans "purposefully utilize means over a period of time in order to achieved desired ends." I posit that somewhere in there belongs the principle of faith.Read the rest at EVC.

Power and Resentment

Two themes that my mind has been dwelling on lately, in relation to each other, are power and resentment. I here offer some musings on these themes, but I do so under the condition that they are still very much debris in the air that has yet to settle. Make of them what you will.Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - November 2013 Update

In November 2013, LPL sold 332 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5:
33 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger30 copies, Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan23 copies, Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock15 copies, The Mystery of Banking, Murray Rothbard14 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray N. RothbardLPL's all time top 5 bestsellers are:
584 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray N. Rothbard414 copies, Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock294 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger161 copies, Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan137 copies, Bourbon for Breakfast - Jeffrey Tucker

Being Evil vs. Doing Evil

Adolf Hitler murdered millions of people. So did Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong. Bill Clinton murdered thousands of Iraqi children through economic sanctions. George Bush murdered thousands of Iraqis and Afghans through invasion. Barack Obama has murdered many through continued occupation and aerial drone strikes. Osama bin Laden murdered thousands. Are these men evil? I don't think so.Read the rest at EVC.