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An Attempt at a Universal Ethic VI: Answering Objections

This series has been a delight to think and write about. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning to get into this, but having done so it has been a weight lifted from my shoulders. In this final part I answer twelve objections that I received and hope my responses are sufficient. This will likely be a topic to occupy my time in the future, and I welcome all interested thinkers to give me their input on any part of this series. We can only grow by considering the strengths and weaknesses of any argument. Let us proceed.Read the rest at EVC.

Property under Voluntaryism

We live in a world of scarcity. There is a seemingly infinite amount of demand for a seemingly finite amount of resources. The same resource can't be used at the same time by different users. If it could, then the concept of "property" would never have arisen. As it is, scarcity creates the possibility of conflict, and so people who value peaceful coexistence with one another will allocate resources in a conflict-reducing way. How would this process look under voluntaryism? Let's see.Read the rest at EVC.

Rulers vs. Leaders

An oft-tackled question by anarchists is on the difference between rulers and leaders. In general usage, the difference seems clear, but there are some exceptions. Just what is the difference between rulers and leaders, and why should we care? Let's see.Read the rest at EVC.

An Attempt at a Universal Ethic V: Integrating Alternatives

Having presented my ethic and used it to make sense of the seemingly subjective nature of morality, the phenomenon of moral outrage, and demonstrated its universality, I thought I would look at a few alternative approaches to ethics. My goal in this part is to determine and demonstrate their integratability with my ethic. It should be noted, that I take only a superficial look at each alternative, summarized as accurately as possible according to my current understanding. As well, I do not claim that this is a complete list of alternative approaches to ethics, these are just the ones of which I am most familiar.Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - April 2015 Update

In April 2015, LPL sold 391 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5:
48 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray Rothbard32 copies, Our Enemy, the State- Albert Jay Nock23 copies, The Politics of Obedience - Etienne de la Boetie19 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger15 copies, Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan LPL's all-time top 10 bestsellers are:
For a New Liberty - Murray RothbardOur Enemy, the State - Albert Jay NockPrinciples of Economics - Carl MengerEconomics for Real People - Gene CallahanThe Mystery of Banking - Murray RothbardFascism vs. Capitalism - Lew RockwellThe Politics of Obedience - Etienne de la BoetieBourbon for Breakfast - Jeffrey TuckerGreat Wars and Great Leaders - Ralph RaicoEconomic Thought before Adam Smith - Murray Rothbard