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Government vs. the State

Many have tried to explain the difference between "government" and "the state." They have been more or less clear, but none of have managed to do it better than libertarian philosopher and lawyer Stephan Kinsella. Here's my long paraphrasing of his explanation. Read the rest at EVC.

The Law is Mere Risk

Most understand that criminals, like thieves, rapists, and murderers, are, among other things, risks to be mitigated. If we have an expectation of possible robbery, we lock our doors and otherwise secure our homes; of possible rape, we stay with others and arm ourselves with pepper spray or a pistol; of murder, we hide ourselves or otherwise seek protection or the removal of the would be murderer. If the state is a criminal organization, which I consider it so, then its laws are likewise risks to be mitigated. Read the rest at EVC.

Am I a Radical Extremist?

I've had to get used to a few words during my journey through voluntaryism. "Libertarian" was initially very strange to me. Then came "anarchist," even more strange, and quite a bit controversial. Now I use both unabashedly. Likewise, I am quite alright calling myself or being called a "radical extremist." Why? Because it's absolutely true. Relatively speaking, I believe I am as radical and as extreme as they come, in many different ways. Read the rest at EVC.

Patriotism, the Anti-Nationalism

"One's country" is not synonymous with "one's nation." Many are confused on this point. To equate the two is to confuse friend with foe, ally with enemy. An obviously dangerous error to make. Those who do are either in a delusion about what a nation is, or have, most unfortunately, taken up with society's enemy numero uno . So then, what does it mean to be a "patriot"? Let's see. Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - October 2013 Update

In October 2013, LPL sold 284 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5: 24 copies,  Principles of Economics  - Carl Menger 23 copies, Economics for Real People  - Gene Callahan 15 copies, The Mystery of Banking , Murray Rothbard 13 copies,  Our Enemy, the State  - Albert Jay Nock 12 copies, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality  - Ludwig von Mises LPL's all time top 5 bestsellers are: 570 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray N. Rothbard 391 copies, Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock 261 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger 131 copies,  Economics for Real People  - Gene Callahan 129 copies, Great Wars and Great Leaders - Ralph Raico