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A Flight Through the Universe

This is pretty cool:

Has Apply Ever Invented Anything?

Great video on Apple, and their propensity to copy and innovate.

Masonry and Mormonism

Here's a great interview that will shatter your misconception of Masonry and Mormonism, from

Music Video Tops TDKR

This music video of TDKR is better film-making than TDKR:

Political Bell Curve

The below "bell curve" of political positions is fairly accurate, I'd say. Voluntaryists are anarcho-capitalists outside the home and anti-authoritarian classical anarchists inside. Imagine this going around a cylindrical shape, lake a can, with the blacks touching and merging together. And here's the explanation . Click to enlarge.

Large Print Liberty

Check out my latest project , offering libertarian and economics books in large print for the visually impaired.

99 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Rises SUCKED

Ahhh, thank you, thank you! I noticed several of these myself. As I said, horrible film-making.

Why The Dark Knight Rises Was so Boring

Perhaps it's relative. From where I'm sitting, both the left and the right are tyrannical despots. Jeffrey Tucker feels the same way, and helped me finally realize why I was so bored during the latest Batman flick. Despite the poor film-making, the story was bland and dull to a libertarian. See for yourself.

Policy Priorities at Libertas Institute

I'm really digging this list of policy priorities at Utah-based Libertas Institute.

Nolan Ruined Batman, But He Can Be Saved

I loved the first one, then it went down hill. Nolan's story telling is fractured and choppy. And this latest had a main character who I understood about 5% of what he was saying. It was just plain 'ole bad movie making. I actually feel really bad for this Batman because I like him. I really like this batman, and Christian Bale's portrayal. I loved Batman Begins. The worst part about this latest is that it contains about 5% Batman. I couldn't even tell it was a Batman movie until half-way through. Put plainly, I wasn't entertained. I was bored and frustrated with Bane's voice and the choppy story-telling. It was just a bad movie, worse in these respects than the second. The second had far more Batman, but it still suffered from choppiness. Ugghh Read the rest on my Life blog.

Free College Courses

Very interesting . I love where innovation is taking education.

Don't Talk to the Police

Great advice, for everyone to heed.