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Electoral Politics

I analyze electoral politics from a voluntaryist perspective at Check it out.

Basic Statistics for United States Imperialism

This listing is pretty amazing (and horrible). Check it out.

How a Statist Thinks

Person A throws water, statist cop throws a fist at Person B, and then arrests Person B. She'll probably be charged for obstruction of cop's-fist-by-her-face. Water for fists... stop right there. And it's the wrong person? And then she's arrested? Welcome to 'Merica:

LPL - September Update

As of the end of September 2012, 116 libertarian and economics books have been made available in large print at LPL ended the month of August 2012 with 31 offerings.

Through the end of September, 230 books sold in the US, Europe, and Great Britain. Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, the State sold the most at 30 copies; followed by Ralph Raico's Great Wars and Great Leaders at 27 copies and Murray Rothbard's For a New Liberty at 26 copies. Of the 230 books that have sold, 184 copies went to the US (dollars), 32 copies went to Great Britain (pounds), and 20 copies went to mainland Europe (euros).

I shattered my August numbers, but September also had far more titles available and was a complete month. I'll be continuing my development efforts and hope to have an even better October. This has certainly been a worthwhile project.