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Persuasion, Reason, and Markets

Those who desire to see the grip of statism released from our world, the abolition of coercive monopoly government, to be replaced by a peaceful and rulerless social and legal order, must decide for themselves how best to achieve it. Unless we are to be discovered as hypocrites, it is my opinion that we anarchists must embrace tools and strategies consistent with our ends, a peaceful and rulerless social and legal order. That is, we must embrace persuasion over force, reason over aggression, and free markets over control.Read the rest at EVC.

The Monopoly on Crime

The difference between the state and an owner of private property is often made fuzzy by anarchists of the collectivist tradition. They see those who claim private property beyond what they personally occupy and use as a form of statism, and on that ground incompatible with anarchism. I think the difference can be explained as the state claiming and enforcing a monopoly on the provision of law and order, and by extension, a monopoly on crime. Let me explain.Read the rest at EVC.

Monopoly and the Free Society

One of the criticisms that voluntaryists receive is that in a free society, what's to stop someone from obtaining a monopoly on the provision of a good or service? If there's no central anti-trust regulator, a business could use all sorts of tactics and schemes to secure for themselves a monopoly in the market. Is this a valid criticism? Not really.Read the rest at EVC.

What are Principles For?

So much has changed in my life since I became an adult all those many years ago, I've had a lot of experience with the concept of "principles." I thought I'd put down my thoughts on what principles are and what they're for. Here goes.Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - June 2015 Update

In June 2015, LPL sold 408 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5:
139 copies, Profit and Loss - Ludwig von Mises29 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray Rothbard15 copies, Boundaries of Order - Butler Shaffer13 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger14 copies, Our Enemy, the State- Albert Jay Nock LPL's all-time top 10 bestsellers are:
For a New Liberty - Murray RothbardOur Enemy, the State - Albert Jay NockPrinciples of Economics - Carl MengerEconomics for Real People - Gene CallahanThe Mystery of Banking - Murray RothbardFascism vs. Capitalism - Lew RockwellThe Politics of Obedience - Etienne de la BoetieProfit and Loss - Ludwig von MisesGreat Wars and Great Leaders - Ralph RaicoBourbon for Breakfast - Jeffrey Tucker