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American Revolution, Justified?

Wendy McElroy gives an interesting perspective on the American Revolutionary war, especially the parts about forcing independence onto those who remained loyal to the Crown, and the cancelling of legitimate debts held by British individuals.

Virtual Mises University, only $20!

This is super cool! I've always wanted to attend the week-long experience in person. This is the next best thing.

Romney is Obama is Bush

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the saying goes. From the person who brought us a list of 100 ways that Barack Obama is like his predecessor, W, comes this list of 100 ways that Mitt Romney is like Barack Obama. If anybody still believes that electoral politics gives us any real choice , they've been living under a rock. As I said, Romney is Obama is Bush. 3 peas in a statist pod. It is what it is.

Tupac Knew the State

And what it's made of .

How Accurate Were Ron Paul's Predictions in 2002?

You be the judge:

My Review of FreedomFest

My wife and I returned from Las Vegas late last night after attending FreedomFest 2012 , a (mostly) libertarian conference organized by libertarian economist Mark Skousen . I say "mostly" because there were a few sessions that were clearly partisan, pro-Mitt Romney, pro-Republicans, but these were exceptions. Here're some thoughts on the panels that I enjoyed, and pictures of some people I met. Day 1, Wednesday, Pre-Conference Mark Skousen did a presentation on the Austrian School of economics , talking about Menger , Bohm-Bawerk , Mises , and Rothbard . Giving his opinion of each of their contributions to the tradition, recommending different books of theirs, etc. Skousen is definitely in Austrian himself, though he mentioned that his new textbook, Economic Logic , is not "pure" enough to Gary North . I forgot to ask him exactly why North would think this. We were at the conference because Skousen personally invited my wife and I. I included an essay o

Sign the Petition to Nullify Obamacare in Utah!

Signed. You can too.

Jesus Was an Unschooler

Oh yes, I like this. Very good post on Jesus being an unschooler.

Pagan Worship

Now that the pagan worship is past (although the noise'll continue until the 24th in Utah), let us reflect with a quote and an article .

Breastmilk Kills AIDS?

Wouldn't you know it... very interesting research .

My Palo/Primal Diet (Video)

Here's a video podcast on my paleo/primal dieting :

New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

Bravo New Hampshire for giving juries some real power over the state. I hope this spreads like wildfire.

Libertas Institute of Utah

A new libertarian think-tank was just launched in Utah, for Utahns. Check it out.

SCOTUS on ObamaCare

Some more interesting insight on the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare. This one looks at what the ruling says about different constitution-related things like state-sovereignty.