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Spanking is Always Unnecessary III: Hurting Themselves or Others

It might seem logical to cause a child pain in order to teach him what pain feels like, so that he'll refrain from hurting himself or others. Unfortunately, when a caretaker intentionally hurts his child, he's doing far more than teaching him what pain feels like, as well as ignoring the alternatives to teaching him to be safe and to keep his hands to himself. I'll explore both scenarios to see why spanking is unnecessary.Read the rest at EVC.

Spanking is Always Unnecessary II: Preventing Misbehavior

Many parents justify their use of spanking and punishments as a way to prevent what they perceive as misbehavior. They believe that children won't learn to behave properly if their misbehavior is not met with undesirable consequences. Children dislike being hit, so it's believed that children will cease behaving improperly in order to avoid getting hit. Let's put aside any empirical evidence on the effectiveness of spanking for this reason, and instead focus on why it's unnecessary.Read the rest at EVC.

EVC: Building a Culture of Liberty VI: Moral Outrage

Here we are at the conclusion of this series. I began by defining several important concepts, each of which I've used here and there, except for moral outrage. (Alright, I used it once.) That is the topic of this final installment, and the culmination of my thesis on how to build a culture of liberty. Let's go.Read the rest at EVC.

Spanking is Always Unnecessary I: Introduction

The practice of spanking children in particular, and child punishment in general, was abandoned in my family in August of 2011. We've never looked back. Sure my children have had their hard moments, but I've managed to find better ways to help them through than with spanking or time-outs. In every case, I either found and dealt with the unmet need that caused the problem, or failing that, got them through their trouble with empathy, compassion, and humor. I am now completely unconvinced that spanking, or any punishment of children, is ever necessary. So I thought I'd write this six-part series examining the reasons people give for these deplorable practices, with emphasis on the worst form of child punishment, spanking. Let's begin!Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - January 2015 Update

In January 2015, LPL sold 541 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5:
84 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray Rothbard34 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger29 copies, Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan24 copies, Our Enemy, the State- Albert Jay Nock17 copies, Chaos Theory - Robert Murphy LPL's all-time top 10 bestsellers are:
For a New Liberty - Murray RothbardOur Enemy, the State - Albert Jay NockPrinciples of Economics - Carl MengerThe Mystery of Banking - Murray RothbardEconomics for Real People - Gene CallahanFascism vs. Capitalism - Lew RockwellBourbon for Breakfast - Jeffrey TuckerGreat Wars and Great Leaders - Ralph RaicoThe Politics of Obedience - Etienne de la BoetieEconomic Thought before Adam Smith - Murray Rothbard