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United States Budget Dilemma

Mind blowing. The US has a serious problem. Much more serious than our friends across the pond.

What Cognitive Dissonance Looks Like

Cognitive Dissonance is explained here on Wikipedia . And here's what it looks like:

Primal Fitness

I like this work out... I should give it a try... No, really... I should...

Living Under Drones

Godwin's Law alert.. the US is just about on the level of Hitler and the Nazi's in striking fear into the hearts and minds of innocent people . I am ashamed to be living under this government.

What is the Internet, Really?

Great talk. Enlightening.

An Evictionism Update

See the bottom of this post for the latest on the evictionism/abortion debate among libertarians.

Man, Economy & Sport

I've loved Skip Oliva's sports commentary that's appeared on the Mises blog and elsewhere. He now has his own blog dedicated to sports from a libertarian and Austrian economics perspective. It's been excellent this far. Check it out .

Not the Land of the Free

The US the 18th freest country in the world according to this report . Enough with the propaganda that's only served to take away our freedoms by blinding us to the growing horrors of the US empire. 18th doesn't include our anti-property and draconian intellectual property laws . It should be worse .

A Geological Timescale for Creationists

Silly evolutionists, dinosaurs were around for the Civil War. Click to enlarge.

Boyack on CSPAN on Mormons and Liberty

Great interview of Connor Boyack, author of Latter-day Liberty .

From Constitutionalism to Voluntaryism

A friend and fellow Latter-day Saint is on his way from constitutionalism to voluntaryism (market anarchism). After a long conversation talking about it, he wanted me to send him reference links to our conversation. Here's what I sent: Anarchists/voluntaryists supporting the Constitution. This essay was pivotal for me on anarchism and the Constitution. Ezra Taft Benson as anarchist. Hoppe on private law societies (this will be in my next book). Connor Boyack on anarchism. The Constitution as a socialist document. Rothbard's switch from minarchism to anarchism. Tom Woods (with anarchist Doug Casey) as anarchist, within the first 6 minutes. Judge Napolitano as anarchist. Ron Paul as voluntaryist. When one approaches the voluntaryist arguments honestly, one can't help but move in that direction. For some it takes years, others months. It took me a few years. I went from being a liberal democrat to a free market conservative, then free market libertarian and constitu

The Primal Blueprint - 8 Key Concepts

Check out this awesome summary of the key concepts of primal/paleo diet and exercise.

Jury Nullification WIN!

In New Hampshire, juries can now be told about jury nullification by defense attorneys and use it to acquit the accused on the basis of bad law. Here's the latest example of this happening, for the WIN!

Going Primal in the Bathroom

I just ordered this bad boy . Can't wait to receive it! It came highly recommended. Read about the health benefits here .

Ban Corporate Profits!

Silly corporations, profits are for people!

Boyack, Hooton, Collins, on Abortion

Connor Boyack wrote a piece criticizing Block's theory of evictionism last week. Nic Hooton rejoins . Both are fellow libertarians and Latter-day Saints. Here's what I emailed to a private email group after reading Connor's article: I think the problem with Connor's rebuttal to Block's "evictionism" (he coined the term, not Rothbard, mind you), is that you can't contract (implicit or not) with someone that doesn't yet exist. The baby does not exist until intercourse is done, until the seed has broken into the egg. Sure, you could contract with the father (Block concedes this but it's inconsequential), but not the non-existent baby (considering also the nature of contracts, the validity in forcing someone to remain party or to break and return their benefits, etc, Rothbard goes into this in "Ethics of Liberty". Can you force someone to remain party to a contract? Or merely force them to return/give up their benefits? How far can &q

Anarchism and the 12th Article of Faith

My good friend, intellectual compatriot, and fellow Latter-day Saint Nic Hooton talks about the 12th Article of Faith and how we should approach government, here , taking a page from the rhetoric of atheists.

LPL - August Update

As of the end of August 2012, 31 books have been made available in Large Print. LPL first launched just over 2 weeks into August with 3 offerings. Through the end of the month, 38 books have sold in the US, Europe, and Great Britain. Rothbard's For a New Liberty  sold the most at 11 copies; followed by Ralph Raico's Great Wars and Great Leaders  at 6 and Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, the State  at 5. I am very excited for the future and am humbled by the demand there seems to be for large print, affordable, libertarian and economics books. A special thanks goes out to the Ludwig von Mises Institute for making available so many great works free of charge and copyright-free .