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Fault versus Blame

Distinguishing between fault and blame is important to me. How I react to a situation depends on the difference. Here's how I define either and why I react in the way that I do toward them.Read the rest at EVC.

The Hierarchy of Law

Not only can law be defined in different ways, but the duty we feel to obey law varies with not only the kind of law we are considering, but also from person to person. Here are the types of law as I understand them, and the hierarchy at which the different types command our obedience, and why.Read the rest at EVC.

Why You May Not Kill the Police, nor Destroy State Property

Chris Cantwell recently argued that "all police are aggressors", and that killing an aggressor isn't murder. Therefore, all police are fair game on ethical grounds to meet the business end of a gun. Similarly, Ben Stone has argued that state-controlled resources, like their buildings, are fair game for destruction, since the state acquired its buildings illegitimately. Here're some reasons why both Cantwell and Stone are wrong.Read the rest at EVC.

Check Your Privilege

The "Check Your Privilege" meme originated in 2006, but was brought before the libertarian community in early 2014 by FEE and Stossel. As interesting as the premise is, that we should be cognizant of the privileges that our race, gender, family wealth, et cetera bring us, I'd rather talk about what I consider of much greater importance, "Check Your Political Privilege".Read the rest at EVC.

Liberty Can't be Centrally Planned

While I love a good discussion on the logical construction of property rights theory, and the implications stemming therefrom, in a free society concepts like "property," "aggression," "law," and "justice" will evolve to have different meanings in different areas and among different people in the same area. In other words, pure theory might define concepts one way, but without a central authority prescribing meaning, their practice will likely vary.Read the rest at EVC.

LPL - May 2014 Update

In May 2014, LPL sold 454 books across North America and Europe. Here are the top 5:
82 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray N. Rothbard27 copies, Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock27 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger17 copies, The Mystery of Banking - Murray N. Rothbard14 copies, Economics for Real People - Gene Callahan LPL's all time top 5 bestsellers are:
996 copies, For a New Liberty - Murray N. Rothbard581 copies, Our Enemy, the State - Albert Jay Nock459 copies, Principles of Economics - Carl Menger376 copies, Fascism vs. Capitalism - Lew Rockwell283 copies, The Mystery of Banking - Murray N. Rothbard