Neocons for Obama

All of these polls showing that this Republican or that Republican having a better chance against Obama than their cohorts miss an important point. As the debates have shown, on policy, all of the Republican contenders are clones of one another, except for Ron Paul. He's a near opposite on almost every position. And he's the near opposite of Obama. What does that tell you?

Well, for one, this election is really only about Ron Paul and not-Ron Paul. Obama and the Republicans are 95% the same. Obama has out-neocon'd George W. Bush, and the Republicans are all trying to out-neocon Obama. Ron Paul stands in stark contrast. Polls showing that Ron Paul has the best chance of beating Obama aren't going to sway neocon Republicans one whit. They want a neocon in office, and Obama's a neocon! They'd surely take Obama another term over Ron Paul.

American politics is ridiculously monochromatic. There's no Left vs. Right, there never was. Both are statist, both are war-mongering, and both are anti-liberty and a threat to civilized society, which means they are a threat to YOU! Recognize it.