LPL - January 2013 Update

As of the end of January 2013, 135 libertarian and economics books have been made available in large print at LPL ended the month of December 2012 with 133 offerings.

Through the end of January, 400 books sold in the US, Europe, and Great Britain. Murray Rothbard's For a New Liberty sold the most at 82 copies; followed by Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, the State at 35 copies, and Carl Menger's Principles of Economics at 30 copies. Of the 400 books that have sold, 313 copies went to the US (dollars), 35 copies went to Great Britain (pounds), and 52 copies went to mainland Europe (euros, my best month for euros).

My progress on the Journal of Libertarian Studies continues (slowly at the moment). I've made available 11 volumes in large print. I will not be making available regular print as per the agreement with my printer.