Copying is Not Piracy

Calling copying someone's idea an act of "piracy" is to destroy the meaning of piracy. Piracy comes from the Greek peirates, which comes from peiran, which means, "to attack, make a hostile attempt on". Copying something, with or without the originator's permission, unless you've stolen their original in order to do it, cannot be considered an act of piracy because nothing is being attacked or made a hostile attempt of.

Again, unless the original has been stolen, in which case something tangible has been literally stolen, copying an idea, using information first "created" by someone else, is not and cannot be an act of piracy. Piracy is attacking, using violence against, physically taking without permission a tangible thing, a person, an object, something physical, something finite, something scarce. Ideas and information are none of those things, and so cannot be a target of piracy. End the silly talk!