What Ron Paul Won't Do

Jay Gunther writes,
I'm sick of people asking me what Ron Paul would do about ________. The better question is, "What won't Ron Paul do?"

Ron Paul:

WON'T tax you.
WON'T meddle in your personal life.
WON'T protect you from yourself.
WON'T send your sons and daughters off to illegal and immoral foreign wars.
WON'T force you to buy insurance.
WON'T try to run your business.
WON'T try to manage your retirement.
WON'T steal money from you and send it to foreign lands.
WON'T imprison you without due process.
WON'T kill you without due process.
WON'T harass you at airports.
WON'T try to educate your kids.
WON'T sell his soul to Wall Street bankers.
WON'T bail out business for making bad decisions.
WON'T violate your 4th amendment rights.
WON'T let the FED devalue your currency.
WON'T try to micromanage your life.

Oh, okay, so what will Ron Paul do?

He'll take control of government and give your freedoms back to you.


  1. That's the vast libertarian conspiracy at work: They want to take over the government...and leave you alone.


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