SOPA and Questioning Intellectual Property

Anthony Gregory nails it:
Hollywood, the big recording companies, and the rest of the old entertainment industry have strongly supported the Stop Online Piracy Act and its companion, the Protect IP Act. These bills, sponsored by big-government Democrats like Chuck Schumer, pose unprecedented threats to online liberty. If there is one free frontier remaining in modern life, it is the Internet. In the name of cracking down on online piracy, SOPA was written to empower the government and its favored corporations to shut down web sites that enable content sharing—copying media files, in particular.

The Internet has allowed bootlegging writ large to overtake the world. Any movie can be found and downloaded in minutes. Any song or television show can be yours in seconds. The practical limitations on copying that were posed by the late 20th century era of casette tapes and Xerox machines are a thing of the past. Data has approached being free. In my opinion, this is as it should be.
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  1.'s just another direction for this nation to become "These Socialist/Communist States of America". The thing is there will be people always finding ways around this, thus hurting everyone else.


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