You'll See It When You Believe It

I thought I'd share. The last couple of weeks, my son(6.5) has been asking me all sorts of questions about how the shows he or I am watching are made. I have to admit, it took me in stealth. A simple question here or there, but the last few days he's been asking deeper questions. Like how they make the Star Trek spaceship fly around the planet, or how they make the holographic doctor disappear and reappear. We've previously talked about how Barney would transform from a doll to the full thing, as in stopping the camera, replacing the doll with the actor, adding some flashes with computer animation, etc... and he connected this with the holographic doctor. When he asked, before I could answer, he brought up Barney and merely sought confirmation that he knew how it worked. He's also asked about the aliens and their makeup, and about how they make bigger monsters. These days it's all CG, which I've explained to his satisfaction, and we've talked about stop-motion and claymation (he played with a stop-motion movie creator at the children's museum a month or so ago), but I'll have to find some Youtube videos on how they do that exactly. Anyway.. like (Sandra Dodd?) said, you'll see it when you believe it.