Cleansing of The Libertarian Tent

I'm hereby kicking minarchists, ie. limited government types, out of the proverbial libertarian tent. Minarchists are just that, minimal statists. Though they give lip service to liberty, their greatest allegiance is to the state, albeit a so-called limited state. They don't deserve the name libertarian, in my opinion. They are statists through and through. It's time to cleanse the tent and kick them out. There's only two tents the way I see it: libertarian and statist. Statists have their degrees, sure, but they all rely on the use of initiatory aggression to setup their political systems. It's a true dichotomy, either you're a libertarian (anarchist, voluntaryist), or you're a statist. That's all there is to it. I don't think the libertarian philosophy can afford to make minarchist concessions. It would destroy the entire argument for voluntary political arrangements and prove it a fraud for liberty.