Introducing Everything-Voluntary

I've launched a new website titled "Everything-Voluntary". From the About page:
Everything-Voluntary is a blog dedicated to promoting the ideals of voluntary human relations. Relations in every realm of life, including politics, the marketplace, religion, schooling, and parenting should not be based on compulsion and violence. We believe that only those relations founded on the mutual consent of all parties involved are moral and ethical.

The bloggers at Everything-Voluntary have dedicated their valuable time to educating others on and living the principles of voluntaryism. They believe that voluntary relations among human beings founded on mutual consent will lead to liberty, happiness, and prosperity. Coercive and compulsive relations rely on the unjustified use of violence. Such relations should be abhorrent to a civilized people.

Each of the links at the top of this site will introduce you to the principles of voluntaryism in government, the free market, peaceful religion, radical unschooling, and unconditional parenting. Also included is a list of resources for further study. We hope you too will dedicate yourself to the voluntaryist way of life!
Check it out! If you're interested in co-blogging, send me a message via my Facebook page.