On the Individual Mandate

Much hot-air is being expended on the topic of the recently upheld individual mandate. Under Roberts' justification, the Federal government may now tax you for these various abstentions (and so much more):

Not attending rock concerts.
Not buying sporting event tickets.
Not buying GMO food.
Not buying a new car every # years.

It's a clear violation of our rights, but so is the government enforcing it's monopoly on force. I, for one, am not surprised that this was upheld. I don't hold the Supreme Court as an impartial third party. It's a branch of the Federal Government. It's ruling on this case violates basic ethics of jurisprudence. For what it's worth, this may spark bigger and better nullification and/or secessionist efforts among the States and the people. I hope it does.

UPDATE: This is an interesting perspective. I'll leave it at that.