Roger Clemens, My New Hero

I'm not a big baseball fan. I don't know much about it's current swathe of players, nor it's history, but I think Roger Clemens is my new hero. Anyone who can get away with lying to Congress is a hero in my book. For starters, I don't care what he does with his body. It's his. Not mine. If he took drugs to enhance his game, then that's between him, the league, and the fans. Since I am none of those, it doesn't concern me one whit.

What does concern me, however, is Congress. They're a bunch of liars and thieves. That's literally what they are. And because I hold no ethical or moral concerns against lying to criminals, why would I hold any against lying to Congress? On the contrary, I consider it a virtue, albeit one that comes with great risk. Roger Clemens successfully abated that risk and got a way with lying to the biggest criminal organization in the world. Bravo, Mr. Clemens, I tip my hat to you.